Devil Finance

How to emergency withdraw

In this section we will show you how you can withdraw funds from a vault in case there is a problem with accessing the website or there if some of the functions on the website don't work
In case you will stumble upon any problem regarding withdrawing the funds please first ask for an opinion in our discord or telegram group. You can also get an advice on twitter since our team will be active 24/7 for support.
In case our team advise you to withdraw funds from the vault please follow those steps:
1) Search for the masterchef contract address of the protocol in the vaults section
2) Copy the address of the masterchef contract:
3) Open fantom scan and paste contract address
4) Click on contract section
5) Click on write contract section
Write Contract and Connect to Web3
6) Click on Connect to Web3 (don't forget that you have selected right network in your wallet before connecting the wallet)
The light must be green
7) Scroll down to withdrawAll function
8) Enter pool id found in the docs​
9) Click write and your funds should be in your wallet