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How to get funds on a wallet from a CEX

Deposit funds to your wallet from a centralized exchange
In case you do not have any funds on your wallet, you can transfer them from a centralized exchange. Exchanges such as,,, or offer an option to send Fantom (FTM) token to your external wallet through the Fantom Opera network on which is build. You can simply buy FTM on a centralized exchange using other crypto currencies.
Below is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer FTM from to your wallet:
  • Make sure you have Fantom (FTM) in your Binance wallet, if not, purchase FTM on Binance;
  • Go to your wallet, look for FTM and click on Withdraw;
  • Copy/Paste your Metamask FTM Wallet address;
  • Choose the FTM network (FTM Chain) ;
  • Please note there is a small transaction fee for transferring FTM from your Binance wallet to your FTM Metamask wallet;
  • Insert the amount you want to send to your FTM Wallet;
  • Now press Withdraw and wait for your FTM to arrive in your FTM Metamask Wallet.