Devil Finance

Why is my transaction failing when I try to trade DEVIL?

It might be a problem within the Fantom blockchain or the gas limit could be off, so in your wallet prompt set the GWEI to more than 100, and the Gas Limit to 210,000.
It may be a decimal point rounding error, so if you are trying to deposit or withdraw an amount with a lot of integers, try removing a few decimal points. Instead of 1.23456789, try 1.234.
If you are trying to buy or sell DEVIL, the transaction may be prevented by a slippage % that is too low. Please locate the slippage change icon on the decentralized exchange you are using and manually set the slippage amount to a higher percent (e.g. from 0.5% to 2%).
In an unlikely event you are shown an "Insufficient liquidity" sign, it means that you are trying to buy the amount of tokens that is larger than the entire liquidity provided on the market. In most cases when this sign is show the DEX fails to load the liquidity pools so we advise to refresh the website or wait for a few more seconds.