Devil Finance

Introduction to the Devil Finance

The gods of traditional fiat finance have abandoned us. Devil Finance offers the salvation.

What is Devil Finance?

In its essence Devil Finance is a Decentralized Yield Optimizer platform that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. Devil Finance runs on the Fantom blockchain and offers one of the leading market yield strategies and operations.
Our mission is to give our users (beginner & professional) the opportunity to save, grow, and accumulate assets for the future in a safe, efficient, and user friendly way.
We will be providing access to collections of non-fiat inflationary assets. We provide rewards in return for utilizing our platform, namely in the form of 'staking' tokens and our native token (DEVIL).
We will collect tokens from many users and stake them on a mass scale on their behalf. Through more frequent compounding, more efficient gas utilization, and other creative automations we will save users fees and most of all maximize their returns.