Devil Finance

Company vision

We are firm believers in the enormous potential blockchain technology has to make the world a better place, providing access to fair, inexpensive, and inclusive finance for everyone. Our purpose is to empower people and allow them to achieve financial freedom.
We want to make the financial world more accessible by advancing the applications of Decentralized Finance and building a platform that is inexpensive and easy to use, beautifully designed, and most importantly safe, all the while putting the customer and their needs at the center of everything we do.
We provide a yield optimizing service, which is designed to grant the users of Devil Finance the ability to maximize the return on their crypto holdings through frequent automatic compounding and through more efficient gas utilization.
Our objective is to become a one-stop-shop business of Decentralized Finance, integrating and combining a wide assortment of services such as yield optimization, swap, lending, NTF marketplace and many more. We are strongly motivated to deliver a beloved and trusted platform that will further advance and unlock the immense potential blockchain technology holds and we wish to be the true pioneers in the world of DeFi.
We believe we will be able to achieve our objective by fully devoting ourselves to deliver on every promise we make, by offering competitive pricing, and by showing utmost care and affection to our community.
On top of that, we are highly motivated by the prospect of receiving the incentive reward from the Fantom Foundation, which is driving us to invest maximum effort into making Devil Finance one of the biggest participants on the Fantom Ecosystem.